Welcome to the Teppanyaki Takao Japanese Restaurant.


If you are looking for quality Japanese food, look no further.


Tadashi and Asako Takao and our wonderful staff welcome you to our friendly Teppanykai Restaurant in Kaiapoi.


With the best ingredients and highly experienced chefs, we hope you will have a great time with us and enjoy our delicious freshly prepared Teppanyaki, local and imported beers and wines.

Dear customers, 2/Dec 2021
We hope you are all doing well.
As of Friday 3rd Dec, the traffic light system along with vaccination requirements will take place.
We will ask you to show your my vaccine pass when you are at our premise for entering.
Please wear a face mask then.
Contactless Take-Away is available for everyone.
You will need to:
- wear a face mask
- contactless payment
- for a smooth pick up, you will collect your takeaway at the entrance.
Thank you for your cooperation






During Waitangi weekend
we are open on Saturday 6th February at the upstairs restaurant near countdown and we are closed at the restaurant near the Kaik.
Thank you



Dear Customers,


We are happy to announce that we are open

for Dine in and Take Aways now.


We are looking forward to seeing you !


Thank you

24 March 2020

Dear customer,

Thank you for always supporting us.
We are closed from 24th March 2020 until further notice due to the COVID-19 Level 4.

We hope to see you in 4 weeks time.
Please stay safe.

Teppanyaki Takao Japanese Restaurant




We are on the enterment book now.

Please try our meal.

We are open Tuesday to Sunday,

closed on Mondays and public holidays.



Dear Customers,

We will be changing our trading hours starting from the beginning of June.

The restaurant on Hilton Street is open from Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays & Public Holidays.

Thank you



Hi, Today, we are closed due to Waitangi day.
See you on Thursday 7th Feb.
Thank you ^^


Hi everyone,
We are closed on Canterbury anniversary day 16th Nov.

Thank you



Hi, We are closed today, It is labour day.

Have a great day ^^



Dear Customers,

We are closed on Waitangiday 6th Feb 2018.

Re open from Wednesday 7th Feb.


Thank you


Hi everyone,

We are closed on Labour day 23rd Oct 2017. Re-open Tuesday 24th Oct as usual. 


Thank you

Hi Everyone,
We are closed on Queens Birthday 
Monday 5th June 2017.
Thank you

Dear Customers,


We are closed on ANZAC day 25th April 2017.

Re-open as usual from 26th April 20017.


Thank you





























Japan Day is coming up on Sunday 5th March 2017.
Our chef Narna is on the poster of Japan Day.
We will have prawns kebab yum yum sauce on top for $5 and will get 2 skewers.
Please come along and enjoy our food.


Dear Customers,

We have stopped to take an email inquiry until 8th Feb 2017.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.
It would be great if you contact to our phone number directly after 4pm Monday to Sunday.

Thank you

Dear Customers,

The shop on Hilton Street is open for 7 days.
Closed on Public Holidays.

The shop on Williams Street is open on Fridays & Saturdays only
form 15/Jan to 29/Jan.
We will be open Thursdays to Sunday from 2/Feb as usual.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Hi Everyone,
Both shops will be closed on Canterbury Anniversary day Friday 11th November.
We are open on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November as usual.
Have a great show weekend ^^
Thank you



Hi everyone,


Both shops will be closed on Labour Day Monday 24/Oct.


Thank you



Hi everyone,
Both shops will be closed on Queens Birthday, Monday 6/June.
We are open Sat 4th and Sunday 5th as usual.


Thank you



Dear Customers,

Both shops will be closed on ANZAC DAY, Monday 25th/April.


Thank you



Hi, Easter Holiday is coming next week .
We are open on Sat 26/Mar and Sun 27/Mar as usual,
closed on Good Friday 25/Mar and Easter Monday 28/Mar.
Have a great Eater Holiday !



Dear Customers,


The shop by the Kaik on Williams St  are closed coming on Sunday 6th March. (The shop Upstairs on Hilton St are open as usual)

We are going  to have a food stall on Japan Day instead.


Please come along and it will  be heaps fun !


We are looking forward to seeing you there.           Thank you






Hi everyone,


We are closed on the Waitangi Day Saturday 6/Feb.

We are open Sunday 7/Feb and Monday8/Feb as usual.


Thank you

Hi, happy new year ! We hope you are having great holidays.
We are re-open as normal form tomorrow Tuesday 5th Jan.
Our trading hours for this years as following ;
<The restaurant at upstairs on Hilton St>
Open 7 days
Closed on Public Holidays
< The restaurant by the Kaik Tavern on Williams St>
Open from Thursday to Sunday
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Public Holidays
Thank you



Dear customers,

This is the Christmas Trading at the end of the year and the new year for 2015 - 2016.

< The upstairs on Hilton Street >

1/Dec/2015 - 24/Dec/2015 -------------> Open 7 days 

25/Dec/2015 - 4/Jan/2016  -------------> Closed

< The Kaik on Williams Street >

1/Dec/2015 - 24/Dec/2016 ------------- > Closed on Mondays

25/Dec/2015 - 4/Jan/2016 --------------> Closed

Re - open on Tue 5th Jan 2016 and back to normal closed on Mondays.                    

Thank you


Hi, We will be open this Friday on Waiting Day as usual with no surcharge. Thank you


Gift vouchers are available at our shop.

Drop by our restaurant to inquire during trading hours.


Hi, Please see our trading for December '14 & January '15 below ;

December '14 - Open 7 days (open Mondays)

   Thursday  25 Dec  - Closed 

   Friday       26 Dec  - Closed 

January '15     

   Thursday  1 Jan  - Closed 

   Friday       2 Jan  - Closed 

   Saturday   3 Jan  - Closed 

   Sunday     4 Jan  - Closed 

   Monday     5 Jan  - Closed 

Re-Open from Tuesday  6th Jan and back to normal closed on Mondays.

                                                                       Thank you   


It is our second restaurant first birthday today.

We would like to say big thank you to everyone who are supporting us!!



Hi everyone, we are open on Good Friday 18th April as normal

with no surcharge!!

Have a nice holiday !!



Hi, we are pleased to announce that our 2nd Teppanyaki restaurant on Williams Street, Kaiapoi are open from 5:30pm Tuesday to Sunday now and closed on Mondays. Please call us on (03) 327 0175 during a day, after 4pm on (03) 327 0007 to make a booking. Thank you



We are closed on Mondays now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




We are open 7 days in January.





~Christmas trading~

     open 7 days !

from 1st Decmber to 24th Decmeber.


We are closed from Christmas day 25th Dec to 2nd Jan.

Reopen from 3rd Jan.


Thank you!!





Teppanyaki TAKAO Christmas Menu 2013
Hi Everyone! The daylight saving is starting soon.
It feels like the christmas season is coming. please check it in our christmas deals. (booking essential)
TAKAO Christmas Dinner '13 .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 35.5 KB



~Opening our second restaurant~


We are pleased to announce the opening of our second Teppanyaki restaurant on 67 Williams Street, Kaiapoi. We are open from 5:30pm till late Thursday to Sunday.

Thank you very very much for your support.



~Opening our second restaurant~


We are pleased to announce the opening of our second Teppanyaki restaurant on 67 Williams Street, Kaiapoi. We are open from 5:30pm till late Thursday to Sunday.

Thank you very very much for your support.



~Closed on Mondays~


We are closed on Mondays regularly from 4th of March.

We hope we will be open 7 days again end of this year.

Sorry for this inconvenience. 


Season's Greetings







Would you like to have a Teppanyaki Lunch?

Yes! we open lunch for you if your group is more than 10 people.(reservations are necessary in advance) If you have any inquiries, please contact us ^_^


This is a new dessert.

~Soy Sauce Ice Cream with seasonable Fruits~

From Fri 6th July until Tue 10th July 2012

We are not able to take bookings by e-mail through our web site and also the face book. It would be great if you made your bookings by a phone. Thank you for your cooperation.


We are open during the Easter Holiday as normal,

from 5:30pm 7days.

There is no surchurge! 

Let's have a fun night at Teppanyaki TAKAO ☆


Monthly special drinks for April are Japanese Peach Vodka or Grape. They were $7.50 but now only $6.00 ea!!


We have many special cocktails for $7.50

 - New Cocktail "Japanese Grape Vodka"

 Only for a limited time!


We open as usual on Waitangi Day.

No extra charges on public holiday.

Quality meal for quality life.


Oh, it is getting cold at night. Is this a summer?

Although it is not very warm, you can feel the summer with our new cocktail "Mango Orange Vodka".



We have a new cocktail "Sweet Jungle Jungle♪"!

Only for a short time.


Enjoy your summer with special cocktail.

From October 2011, we open for 7 days.