About US

Our history


We have been operating in central Kaiapoi since 2005 and moved to the premise on 73-77 Hilton Street, Kaiapoi 2011. August 2013, we have opened our second Teppanyaki Restaurant on 67 Williams Street, Kaiapoi. We are the first and only one Teppanyaki Restaurant in Kaiapoi.


About Teppanyaki


Teppanyaki is a style of cooking in which the chef prepares your choice of seafood, beef, chicken, fish and seasonable vegetables in front of your eyes on a cooking table called “ Teppan”. Your food is cooked as you watch. The skilled chef will entertain you and amaze as you enjoy great tasting Japanese cuisine.


Our meals


We use fresh local products with subtle Japanese ingredients.

Our tasty dipping sauce, creamy mayonnaise and dressing are all home made.

We have a set menu and also plenty of side menus and daily specials. We vary our menu according to seasonal availability of products and to provide new and different experiences.


Our atmosphere


We aim to provide a friendly environment where you will feel comfortable with your family and friends while giving you an authentic Japanese experience. We are excited that our new premises has a balcony where you can enjoy a drink before or after your meal.


Our drinks


We are fully licensed and encourage BYO (condition apply)wine. We have a range of local and Japanese beer available to purchase as well as wines and spirits. A special feature of our restaurant is that we have Sapporro beer on tap. Of course, we also have sake and plum wine!